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Something Wicked This Way Comes


Rio Grande, New Mexico

Rio Grande, New Mexico

There is something about New Mexico that is enchanting.  It is mysterious and beautiful without being boastful.  It was a trip that taught me that mother nature will always win.  We were horseback riding along the Rio Grande when a storm suddenly hit; producing freezing rain, painful hail, lightning, 50 mph wind gusts and maybe a tornado and a hurricane.  All of this with only one tree for shelter, stuck, in the middle of the desert.  The path we had taken was no longer there, flash floods washed out the roads.  There was no going back.  A team in 4 wheel drive trucks had to come out and pluck us from the rain waters that created rivers and waterfalls from the tops of the mountains in minutes. It was one of the times that I thought I might actually die.  I owe it to our guides Emmet and Ernesto for their patience and serenity.  I took this photo at the beginning of our ride.  I was so thankful that my camera made it through.


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