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Picturing Maricopa


Working on a grant from the Virginia G. Piper Foundation, photographing the non profit Maternity Outreach Mobile (aka The MOM Mobile).  They are an amazing group of  ladies that have been providing prenatal care to un insured and under insured women for the past 13 years.  Their dedication and commitment to cause was inspirational, considering the vast need for care that exists.

Thank you to everyone that participated, and for letting me sit up front in the big rig.  The truck is a monster, which by the way, the ladies drive (with their commercial license) and maintain as well!


Fodor's CHINAI have been invited to attend the Lishui Photo Festival in China this November!   Thanks to the amazing Laura Moya (from Photolucida fame), for selecting me as her participant and curating a solo show of  my project _borderline.  I am honored to be one of the American photographers attending the festival in conjunction with 20 other festival directors/curators/gallery owners/museum directors and editors.  They anticipate in total more than 100 exhibits of individual photographers and galleries.  It should be an amazing experience, especially with the list of people attending.  I look forward to seeing my friends from Photolucida.  Thank You Laura!