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Found a new addiction in needlepoint.  Just finished my first canvas, and have already purchased 3 more.  I was working outside in Santa Fe, and a wasp made his way on to the table and just died right there.  Sad.

Starting to prepare for China and the Lishui Photo Festival, its only a month away.  Now with three new canvases I will be able to fill up my 22 hour flight.  Tomorrow is the opening of Picturing Maricopa, you can visit the exhibition at the Burton Barr Library (1221 N Central Avenue  Phoenix)  through December 6th. You can view all of the images from the show at my website under  “catalog_”Next”



We visited the oldest church in the oldest city, the St. Francis Basilica in Santa Fe New Mexico.  It was absolutely stunning.   Ella didn’t understand that we have to pay for each candle that we light.  By the time we left all were lit, as well as a large red pillar in honor of my grandparents.

Santa Fe inspired me, as it does so many other people.   I would assume that is why there is such a large art community there.  Photo-eye has the best photography books.  I purchased The Collectors Guide to Emerging Art Photography (humble arts foundation). Great book……new goal.



Stayed at the “Riot Hyatt” this weekend.  Love the view on Sunset.