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8 Days until the end of sixth grade, summer is here.  I have been digging through old photos, folders and files (such as this one) realizing that time stops for no one.  When ever parents and grandparents would talk about the lightning speed at which childhood disappeared, I often rolled my eyes in disbelief knowing for a fact it took forever.  WRONG.  It does disappear before the blink of an eye, when you are on the parent end of the spectrum.  Such a mom thing to say.

Ella saw this photograph today before I posted it, she was in complete denial that she would have ever in fact put on a pretty Disney Princess dress.  A comment that could have come from nothing other than a seventh grade girl.

OMG, it’s 2013!

I can’t this is my first post in over a year. Well, actually I can, it was crazy town. Better late than never.
Slowly pulling together project after project that have been stuck.
Looking forward to introducing new work, old work and everything in between.
I think once I break the silence and get this new post in, the rest will follow.