Number One

I’m finally starting to become a photographer again.  I’m excited, nervous, and a bit overwhelmed. It’s nice to be in love again.  I have a lovely list of things that have missed my attention, and a mind overflowing with ideas.  My website, blog, contacts and all other social media are at the top of the list for a well deserved update.

Recently I have been in and out of old files, prints and negatives, and there is much work to be discovered.  One archive I found included the above photograph “Mirror”, which was the first photo that I had ever exhibited.  It made me think about my journey this far, and my connection to photography.  I am so thankful for everyone that has supported me along the way, and the opportunities that have come with it.

I’m ready for the next one.

InFocus:Phoenix Art Museum

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 7.42.51 PM

Organized by INFOCUS, the photography support organization of Phoenix Art Museum, and curated by Dr. Rebecca Senf, the Norton Family Curator of Photography at the Center for Creative Photography and Phoenix Art Museum, PhotoBid 2013 features more than 50 signed limited-edition prints and books by acclaimed photographers from throughout Arizona and the United States. Collectors have the opportunity to bid on these museum-quality photographic prints, which include landscapes, portraits, still lifes and abstractions spanning a diverse variety of media – from black-and-white to color, and from traditional to digital – with a range of prices for every budget.

Preview Exhibition:

October 5-18 , 2013
Phoenix Art Museum
Norton Photography Gallery

Silent Auction:
Friday, October 18, 2013
5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.




8 Days until the end of sixth grade, summer is here.  I have been digging through old photos, folders and files (such as this one) realizing that time stops for no one.  When ever parents and grandparents would talk about the lightning speed at which childhood disappeared, I often rolled my eyes in disbelief knowing for a fact it took forever.  WRONG.  It does disappear before the blink of an eye, when you are on the parent end of the spectrum.  Such a mom thing to say.

Ella saw this photograph today before I posted it, she was in complete denial that she would have ever in fact put on a pretty Disney Princess dress.  A comment that could have come from nothing other than a seventh grade girl.

OMG, it’s 2013!

I can’t this is my first post in over a year. Well, actually I can, it was crazy town. Better late than never.
Slowly pulling together project after project that have been stuck.
Looking forward to introducing new work, old work and everything in between.
I think once I break the silence and get this new post in, the rest will follow.



Last day of the reviews!


Please visit WALL SPACE GALLERY.COM to purchase the print “Sparklers”.  All proceeds will be donated to Life Support Japan, in order to assist much need relief efforts in Japan.  The auction is being curated through Wall Space Gallery and the amazing time and efforts of Crista Dix and Aline Smithson. You can read about Life Support Japan as well as access the online auction via the Wall Space Gallery home page, LENSCRATCH blog and search for the Life Support Japan page on FACEBOOK. There are MANY talented photographers who donated their work for this cause, Im sure there will be something that you will fall in LOVE with.


LENSCRATCH (Aline Smithson)


Working on a book for PHOTOLUCIDA.  I think I finally got the images sequenced correctly.  This is a preview of the page layout.  One month to go!